Inhouse industry 4.0 transformation

Inhouse industry 4.0 transformation

H.H. Precision Mould has adapted industry 4.0 transformation to improve our inhouse plastic injection mold making productivity and efficiency.

Our goals are to have:

  • Improvement of business operation performance
  • Improvement of digitization and shop floor via MES system
  • Improvement of ERP to MES to ERP integration
  • Improvement of big data analytic and dashboarding

For manufacturing operation management processes and functional flow, we determine to digitize it and moving toward paperless, from manual to semi/fully auto..

MAPS is a visual management tool comes with interactive graphical view to allow the manufacturer to handle daily production operation in tasks planning, scheduling and tracking. The planner could have better visibility of the job sequence, machines utilization, work-in-progress (WIP) and even outsourcing jobs that are happening at the production floor. MAPS come with:

  • Sales & Distribution Module
  • Purchasing Module
  • Manufacturing Module
  • Stock and Inventory Module

By using MAPS, we are able to integrate it with existing accounting software as well as shop floor tracking system.

Meanwhile, CIMCO MDC Max is use to complete it as full system integration.

For shop floor, CNC machines are integrated and connected to a real time machine data collection system to a centralize server; to perform real time production and machines data collection. All collected data will go through big data analytics. Real time situation will be shown in live screen for better and faster decision-making process. Operator uses tablet to record downtime reasons. Real time data can be monitor and access via web browser too.

MDC-Max comes with built-in reports, but the true power lies in its ability to create customized reports. Visualize data as tables, pie or bar charts, add in production targets, work shifts, calculate key performance indicators such as OEE, MTBF, MTTR, and more. We can now generate event logs chronologically by operator, machine, and job to know exactly how each machine and operator is performing.

Through this implementation, H.H. Precision able to increase productivity in terms of:

  • New process work flow (from manual to semi/fully auto)
  • Data input, retrieval, processing, accuracy and application
  • On Time Delivery (OTD)
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and machine utilization
  • Job/work order and shop floor visibility management

Digitization: MES (Manufacturing Execution System) at shop floor for automated real-time data capture, scheduling and machine performance monitoring. Fully implement ERP system to digitize order management and production planning for overall enterprise process efficiency improvement and real-time decision making.

System integration: Machines are connected and integrated into MES system. Machine data are saving into MES system with minimum human intervention in real time.

Big data Analytic: A powerful real time machine data collection system analyse collected data and generate real time dashboard and reports.

Internet of Things (IoT): Web based monitoring via mobile devices (tablet, phone)

Paperless: All data securely saved into server directly from machines; minimize operator involvement while going paperless in order management, production planning and shop floor.