Gas Assisted Molding

Gas Assisted Molding

Solve complicated Shape. Reduction in Part Weight. Improved Quality.

H.H. Precision Mould Sdn. Bhd. (HH) has utilized gas assist molding technology for plastic injection molding in a many areas of applications for over 28 years. This has given our OEMs customer with numerous advantages for custom plastic injection molded plastic parts.

Gas assist injection molded plastics are a great alternative for companies looking to reduce part weight, decrease cycle time, and reduce cost without compromise quality or design options.

The gas assisted injection technology offered by HH facilitates plastic injection molding of thicker sections and hollow parts.

The advantages of the gas assisted injection technologies offered by HH include:

  • Achieve thicker wall sections
  • Lower Piece Price
  • Better Part Quality
  • Shorter Cycle Times
  • Greater Design Freedom
  • Better surface cosmetics
  • Reduce finishing and painting
  • Elimination of sink & warp
  • Better dimensional control
  • Increased design options for complex parts, reducing multiple part assemblies, and metal to plastic conversions
  • Enables use of smaller plastic injection molding presses
  • Reinforces ribbed parts

The HH team would be please to discuss the appropriateness of gas assisted injection Molding for your next project.

Photo: Plastic injection moulded product using gas injection molding technology