I have a Design

I have a Design

Experienced H.H. Precision Moulds Sdn. Bhd. designers and engineers work with you directly to bring your design concept to reality. The HH team works to improve client product ideas and helps to design plastic products for manufacturability and cost efficiency.

HH Designers and Engineers can work with customers to create or improve 2-D prints and 3-D models.

  • Plastic prototypes are created with in-house FDM Machine (Fused Deposition Modeling) to reduce overall development timeline and helps to bring your product to market quicker
  • Customized rigorous prototype validation and testing helps to ensure functionality, manufacturability and cost efficiency of your plastic injection molded part
  • Right the First Time Design – No Over-Design or Under-Design – helps to bring your product to market quickly and efficiently while avoiding costly aftermarket solutions

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