Pipe Fitting

Pvc Fitting Mould Manufacturers | Specialized in Pvc Pipe Fittings & Plastic Pipe Fittings Moulds

H.H. Precision Mould Sdn. Bhd. (HH) combine over 40 years of pipe fitting experience with the latest moulding technology to benefit our customers and deliver practical solutions for quality pvc & plastic pipe fittings as well as pipe related products.

Our name stands for innovative capacity and consistency.

HH is your specialist for injection moulds with complex core technology such as
1. swept, 2. collapsible, 3. slides cores for the production of pipe fittings and more.

Video: Inhouse Collapsible Core Technology

The pipe fittings moulds solution we provide improve the efficiency of our customer’s production by ensuring the shortest cycle time possible, an easy product change on the machine, a short set-up time, low maintenance and a long lifetime.

Our customers always receive a high quality mould according to the latest standards. HH pipe fittings moulds provide an excellent performance, because they have been built to last and to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

This satisfaction is expressed in long term relationships. Many relationships already well order 30 years, all over the world.

Photo: Pipe Fitting mould manufacture by H.H. Precision Mould Sdn. Bhd.

Moulds to the highest engineering standards

HH pipe fittings moulds are produced from high-grade steels from Böhler with the state-of-the-art machinery. The common fittings that we manufacture are depending on the application that can be screwed, plugged into or welded to the pipes – using electrofusion, cemented, socket or butt welding techniques,

HH are specialize in handling engineering plastic resins for pipe and fitting injected plastic parts. These material are PVC, UPVC, CPVC, PPR, PPSU, PE, PP, ABS, POM, PVDF, filled and fibre-reinforced materials.

The type of fitting mould manufacture by our company are:

  • Water supply and drainage system.
  • Soil, waste and vent (SWV) systems
  • Underground sewage systems
  • Random co-polymer pipe and fitting (PPRC)
  • Electrical conduit and cable ducts
  • Ventilation and exhaust system

Also, Our team assist customers to develop piping and fitting moulds accordance to their require standards. These standard are:

  • British standard (BS EN1329, BS4514, BS4660, BS 5481),
  • DIN stardard (DIN 19531, DIN19534),
  • German DIN Standard (DIN 806263)
  • ASTM standard (D 1785, D2241).
  • JIS Standard

Our long term piping and fitting oversea and local customers are

  • Georg Fischer (country: Switzerland)
  • Qatar Plastic Additives Co. (country: Qatar)
  • Paling-Aliaxis Group (country: Malaysia)
  • Waterco (country: Australia)
  • Brett Martin (country: United Kingdom)
  • Marley (country: United Kingdom)
  • Pt Wahana (Indonesia)
  • Dux-Aliaxis Group ( New Zealand)

We have long term business relation in supply plastic injection molds to Georg Fischer (Switzerland) since 1996 till today.
We have closely collaborate with our GF mould technology team in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Many Pipe and fitting mould making technology/know how from GF have impart to us. Our close cooperation enables us to make optimum use of synergies in order to improve processes and provide innovation solutions.

Fitting moulds that we  have manufacture for our customer are: Elbow 90, Elbow 45, Branch 90, branch, Socket, End cap, P-trap gully, Equal Tee, Reducing Tee, Reducing Bush, Faucet Elbow, Tank Connector, Valve Socket, Double end socket, etc.


In early year 1970’s, the two Leong’s brothers (which is the current company) directors started building plastic injection moulds for PVC SWV and SWR Fittings. The special hydraulic coring system for intricate socket joints are all invented in-house and has proven to be the most reliable in the industry.

The parallel sockets coupled with sweep bends are our specialty. Tight sweep bends and smooth internal design produces top rate fittings.

Specialized runner design eliminate flow marks and produces strong weld lines.

We design our moulds with standard products for the non-specific parts to ensure that our customers all around the world can perform small maintenance and repairs at the lowest cost and with the highest flexibility.