Work flow

Work flow

1. Initial Consultation
During this stage you arrive with an idea, rough sketch or a mock up part. Our engineers will work closely with you in product design and quality development to ensure your products do comply with your stringent standard, specification and quality.

2. Mold Fabrication
Various stages of processes will be carried out by our experience and skilful technicians comprising of mold makers, fitters, programmers, molding engineers and designers

3. Sampling and Production
Our services to you continue with the mold trial and production of samples including secondary processes like product assemblage, spray printing and packaging.

4. Shipment
The shipping company can be appointed by customer or just leave it to us. We will choose the reliable shipping agent according to shipping instruction from customer.

We assist the shipping agent with related documents. And we have personnel who will be responsible for following up the shipment and will feed back the latest status to our customer and ensure safe arrival of the products.


Request information from Customer for quotation

  1. Plastic Product Characteristic
  2. Injection Machine Specification
  3. Gate runner system preference
  4. Mold base preference
  5. Surface finish preference
  6. Type of material in tool components
  7. Delivery and payment methods

Request information from Customer for quotation


Discuss tooling characteristic

  1. Moldability product design
  2. Gate runner system solution
  3. Mold base size

Product development and mold design discussion


Use modern CAE/CAD/CAM tools to come out with:

  1. Layout 1,Layout 2, Final drawing for customer check & approval
  2. Assembly drawing
  3. Detail drawing
  4. Cam programming
  5. Plastic flow analysis

Research & Development


Each project development progress is check by project coordinator at least twice weekly using mold making progress chart and Microsoft project.

Project Scheduling


Mold base, steel raw materials and mold accessories are purchased according to customer requirement.
If customer doesn’t specify the above, quality if our first preference in purchase mold component in the tools.


The company uses high speed precision machines such as Fanuc, Okuma, Makino (Japanese machines) and HARFTFORD for mold making machinery.

Tool Fabrication


Experience tool makers perform tool fitting and assembling in sequence after prioritized tool components has been manufacture.

Tool Assembly


At least two mold trials will be conducted to ensure plastic product meet customer requirement.

Tool Testing


Tool(s) is(are) pack into heat treated wooden box with qualify and certified supplier to minimize the moisture content in the box to prevent rust.



Transportation is done base on customer requirement.

Oversea or Local Delivery (air or sea freight)