Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding Service | Plastic Injection Factory

Our plastic injection moulding factory is just locate just beside our tool making factory.

Photo: In-house plastic injection molding plant

A total of 40 units of plastic injection molding machines ranging from 20 tons to 1200 tons, adopting branded Japanese and Taiwan high precision injection press and electric motored driven unit.

The plastic injection mold fabrication is extensively used for making several products required in different industry verticals.

Our team is  proudly offer a range of specialist injection molding technologies including:

  • horizontal injection molding
  • Vertical Molding
  • Insert Molding
  • Co-Molding
  • In Mould Decoration
  • Gas Assisted injection Molding

H.H. Precision Mould Sdn. Bhd. (HH) works closely with plastic suppliers locally and internationally to maintain knowledge of the vast array of materials available for plastic injection molding including specialist engineering grade materials, and decorative materials.

HH has a comprehensive in house tool design service working closely with the in house tool room which provide a seamless transition from product concept, design for manufacture and into volume production.

HH also offers an integrated assembly service for injection moulded parts providing post mould finishing for moldings including: gluing, electroplating and component assembly.

Short-Run Production

We offers short-run production services in order to allow customers to meet requirements for automation, assembly, and preliminary production needs upon completion of the qualification and validation processes.


  • Our molding department is capable of 24/7 operation for extended periods of time to meet your urgent supply requirements
  • Available space for specialized molding machines and assembly equipment
  • Mold maintenance agreement during the short-run period

Mould Testing and Training

We supply production ready products
As the technology leader, we test and optimize our moulds on injection moulding machines of all different sizes in order to provide you with production ready tools.

At our test centre, all the moulds undergo testing and adjustment for production conditions. To achieve this, the facility has the latest injection moulding machines with clamping forces of up to 1200 t.

During the test phase, we offer our customers a comprehensive training programme at our premises. In addition, our service technicians ensure that production gets off to a smooth, problem-free start at the customer’s site.

List Of Molding MachineryItem
Toshiba IS 80EPN2
Toshiba IS 80FPA1
Toshiba IS 130FA-3A2
Toshiba IS 130G-3A3
Toshiba IS 170G-5A3
Toshiba IS 220F-10B1
Toshiba IS 220FA-10A1
JSW J85 EL 31
JSW 100 SBS2
JSW 150 SBS2
JSW J150 ED1
JSW J220 E21
JSW J350 E22
JSW J550 EC52
JSW 850EC-3 With Spacer 1001
Victor 180 (VS 180)1
Nissei 201
Nissei PS401
Chen De CJ 200M52

We adds custom or off-the-shelf robotics to remove parts and runners, transport components, and to perform secondary operations. This automation helps eliminate human errors, reduce waste, reduce cycle times, and improve overall speed to market