Family Mold

Family mold (Quick Tool Change)

We believe in flexibility for our customers.

For small series and a large amount of product varieties we produce a well designed family mould concept which is improved and fine tuned over the decades.

H.H. Precision Mould Sdn. Bhd. (HH) is a specialist in the area of making family moulds, we produced dozens of moulds according this concept and most of them are still running, all to the satisfaction of our customers.

The largest moulds have been designed for up to 25 different products for a customer which placed an extremely high degree of flexibility on the number one spot of her list of specifications.

Each minute an injection machine is out of production costs our customer money.

That is why we designed our QTC. The Quick Tool Change concept is designed make a fast and simple exchange of product cavities possible with the mould still on the machine.

An extra benefit of the family moulds is the short time-to-market for new product types within the product range. Is there demand for a new type on your market, or do you need to change the geometry?

HH can construct and manufacture new cavities without taking the mould out of production.

An extremely short time-to-market, a flexible solution and a low investment cost is all included in our service!

Photo: Family Mold (Quick Tool Change)